The Door of Chihuahua

Enrique Carbajal, Mexican sculptor known worldwide as Sebastián, born in the northern State of Chihuahua, of where the artist is originario.Las sculptures of Sebastián, 50 years old, they are characterized by a plastic language based on the combination of geometric and abstract figures and the deep study of the mathematics that rouse it. So he is so at the moment the artist it is in the elaboration of a book that will publish soon that it tries on The Mathematics of Sebastián. 

The theories of the cube, of the parallel one, the circle, the formulas euclidianas and non euclidianas that are the foundation of the brilliant reasoning of Sebastián will be turned in the mundane language that manages. Normand Biron, in the catalog published by the University of Guadalajara to this important artist speaks about the group of its work and he/she says: "If I had to point out a work teacher of Sebastián, it would be without place to doubt The Hobbyhorse, that monumental sculpture that ennobles the Walk of the Reformation of the city of Mexico and it illuminates with their cavalcade the look of their contemporaries. 

Although the geometry of the sculpture The Hobbyhorse emerges of the octahedron that is compound for eight equilateral triangles, the intention of the expression, the force of the movement and the energy of the volumes that Sebastián inflicted to the matter confer to this work a harmony that lines in the sublime thing". But not single line, well it could be said that overcomes the sublime thing when causing with all and each one of their pieces the purest in the aesthetic experiences in the spectator. Now with The Door of Chihuahua, sculpture of 46 meters of high, represents the culture of an entire region symbolizing with its parts the detailed aspects that conform becoming of a town. 

In turn, from 1992, the city of Montreal in Canada has in its entrance The Door of the Friendship, a gift of Mexico to that country that allies, by means of the sculptor's language, the old thing and the modern thing. "When contemplating it, it can imagine that some Menhirs have transformed in metallic columns, dressed of the red of the passion that drove to certain of our ancestros for the roads of the freedom, Biron comments The sculptor has exposed works of small format in cities of diverse countries like Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Egypt, United States, France, Israel, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay. Their monumental urban sculptures are in cities like Mexico, Monterrey and the port of Cancun (Mexico); Vancouver and Montreal (Canada); Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya (Japan); Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Santiago and Vineyard of the Sea (Chile), among others.

 The movement of structures, tons of metal, application of multiple gallons of painting, coordination, inventive, and so many things more they are required to produce a piece of such a format, without stopping to mention the reason capacity, creativity and brilliant idea to create it. Of Chihuahua for everybody is the great sculptor's Sebastián work.

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